December 07, 2022



 The Milton Early Childhood Alliance is very happy to sponsor an initiative called "Countdown to Kindergarten!". We have heard from many parents and teachers that the transition into kindergarten can be a challenging one for children and families.  It is a big step for children who are moving from home, preschool, or other care setting into a new school environment.  Milton cares and is joining together to show you that we do!

All children who are entering a Milton kindergarten program (public school and some private) receive a free, bright yellow t-shirt that says "I'm Going to Kindergarten!" 

Families with children who will attend public school programs receive their t-shirts at the public school screenings.   Children who are attending private kindergarten programs obtain their shirts through their school, should the school choose to participate.

 Brain Building in Progress
Kindergarten Readiness Activities
to do at home with your child.
Click here. (This site takes a minute to load.)

 In collaboration with some Milton area businesses who want to let children know how important their education is to all of us, we are offering Kindergarten Days from August 26th
through September 1st
. During this week, the sponsors listed here will offer free gifts or discounts to children who are entering kindergarten this fall and wear their bright yellow “I’m Going To Kindergarten!” t-shirt. Participating businesses will display a special sign in their window to remind you to visit them. You don’t need to turn anything in to take advantage of the offers – but your child must be present and wearing his or her yellow Kindergarten t-shirt. As you visit our sponsors, please join us in thanking each of them for their support of Milton’s youngest school children!
Kindergarten Days Sponsors




Mackie’s Barber Shop

20 Central Avenue

Receive a $1.00 bill (for Mackie’s regular customers only)

Mr. Chan’s

534 Adams Street

Free 4 pc. chicken finger

Ichiro Sushi

538 Adams Street

Choose 1 free item from 7 specific items


552 Adams Street

Free kiddie size chocolate milk or hot chocolate

The Fruit Center Marketplace

10 Bassett Street

Free fuzzy-head pen and a piece of fruit (while supplies last)

The Nutshell

10 Bassett Street

Free goodie bag with pencil, eraser, bookmark, & stickers (while supplies last)

Milton Public Library

476 Canton Avenue

Free temporary tattoo (while supplies last)

Historic New England’s Eustis Estate Museum

1424 Canton Avenue

Free family pass to tour any Historic New England property

The Ice Creamsmith

2295 Dorchester Ave.,


Free junior size scoop (no toppings or mix-ins)

Please be sure to thank our generous sponsors!

Countdown to Kindergarten is sponsored by the
Milton Early Childhood Alliance.


Is your child starting Kindergarten in the Fall? A new video geared toward incoming Kindergarteners and their families is now available on-line and on Milton Access Television. See kindergarten classrooms in action and hear advice from parents, children, teachers and a principal that will help the transition to kindergarten be everything it can be for you and your child. View the video by clicking on the link above.

Ready for Kindergarten?
Five teachers tell you what preschoolers really need for next school year.